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for a demanding, low-cost dental treatment in Budapest

More than 45,000 successful complete dentures experience we have, much of tooth implantation is based.

Since 1993 the dental clinic IMPLANTALdental has a family atmosphere at the disposal of all patients who are interested in qualitative and affordable dentures. Thanks to the variety and high level of our dental services, IMPLANTALdental is one of the leading dental clinics in Budapest. We would like to make the treatments in our dentistry as comfortable as possible for the patients and expect everyone who is interested in dentures in Budapest in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Everything in a dental clinic!

Dental treatment
  • complete dental restoration
  • total renovation
  • ceramic full dressing
  • root treatment
  • ceramic fillings
  • ceramic inlays
  • artificial tooth root
  • dental implant
  • implantation all-on-four, all-on-4
  • sinus lifts / bone structure
  • tooth replacement on implant
  • combined dentures, telescopic prostheses
  • removable dentures, full and partial dentures
  • implantated dentures, bridge prosthesis
  • metal-free dentures
  • ceramic crowns
  • ceramic bridges
  • zirconium crowns
  • zirconium bridges
Oral surgery
  • dental surgery
  • implantation
  • extraction
  • bone structure
Aesthetic dentistry
  • professional tooth cleaning
  • prophylaxis teeth cleaning
  • prosthetic dentistry (bridges)
  • reconstructive dentistry
  • painless syringe
  • veneers (ceramic veneers)
  • tooth jewellery
  • zirconium inlays
  • root canal treatment
  • adult orthodontics
  • adult tooth regulation
  • orthodontic children
  • invisible orthodontics
  • removable orthodontics
  • retaining braces
  • ceramic brackets
  • transparent braces
  • invisible tooth correction
  • fixed braces

Customer references

"In terms of Skills, knowledge, I have comments at all, very good feedback. Customer welcoming, flexibility for the appointments, again you are on the top rank. 
Thank for such a good result. I am smiling again to anyone now without any fear."

                                                                                                                       Kail from Belgium

"I am a good ambassador for your clinic as I recommend you too many people. I am deeply grateful for your excellent professional services. I did much research for months before choosing your clinic and my efforts proved very beneficial as I think I made the best choice. Thank to all at the Implantdental and especially Dr. Katalin."

                                                                                                                       Johny A. from UK

Professional competence, premium quality and safety!

We are specialized in implantology and aesthetic dentures

All of our dentists and dental surgeons are highly trained and regularly take part in national and international continuing education courses.
The materials in our dental clinic are high quality dental materials from Switzerland and Germany, are used and acknowledged internationally.
For the past 23 years, we have had the opportunity to meet and adapt our patients' wishes and expectations from across Europe. Through the valuable experience and many treatment cases we are able to find an individual solution for every problem.

We have to build trust in ourselves every day; all we do is always from the maximum of our knowledge: we continue to develop to do our work with the highest quality, excellent expertise and guarantee to provide patients with the best possible safety.

The steps of your dental treatment in Hungary

1. Contacting
Call us, or write us using the form. Our colleagues will get in contact with you within a short time. In the course of these discussions, you will be given an answer to all questions and can even choose the time of your treatment. If you have a dental radiography (a panoramic x-ray), it is enough to send them by e-mail, including your wishes.

2. The treatment and payment plan
In the treatment plan, our specialists will provide you with a detailed suggestion regarding all the treatments that are necessary to achieve the desired end result. With regard to that individual treatment, their price and the time it is claimed are also stated. So you will not experience any surprises when you come to Hungary.

3. Travel arrangements
If desired, the staff of the IMPLANTALDental clinic will give you every kind of assistance to plan your trip to Budapest. If desired, they will help you choose and reserve your accommodation (in partner hotel) and our colleagues will be happy to assist you in organizing your Budapest program.

4. Dental treatment in Budapest
By choosing the IMPLANTALdental clinic, you have chosen a company of the highest category, where the quality of care is the top priority. There is no waiting time before the treatment, with us go, and your best possible treatment and comfort without anxiety always before.

If you would like to receive a non-binding dental treatment plan from which you can learn:

- what treatments?
- how much cost?
- how much do you save?
- how much time?

Travel assistance by request

1. Choose the time of your trip to Budapest
Please contact us if you have a free date at the time you are planning.

2. Buy your fly ticket
We ask you to send a message regarding the confirmation of your flight ticket, and we will finally fix the dates of your treatment.

3. Accommodation in Budapest
On request, we will gladly reserve your room in our partner hotel, next to our clinic.

4. Airport transfer
From a small administration fee is the transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.

5. Programme assistance
Ask our colleagues for help with program suggestions and information about the sights of Budapest.